Five Factors That Affect the Costs of Kitchen Remodel

It’s no secret that kitchen remodels cost more than a pretty penny. However, many St. Louis homeowners may overlook several elements that affect a remodel’s price. That’s why Rapid Repair Pro put together some common factors that affect the cost of a kitchen remodel in St. Louis, MO.

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Five Kitchen Remodel Price Factors

Saving for kitchen remodeling projects is vital to ensure you receive a first-class cooking space without exceeding your budget. That’s why you must evaluate every factor before committing to a specific service and kitchen design. However, it’s easy to overlook minor, and even major, expense elements that can take you by surprise when you receive your bill.

Failing to assess every factor can leave you with an excessively high bill that’s out of your price range. Although reliable remodeling companies provide estimates before starting a project, sometimes they exclude elements like permits and trash removal services.

Once you understand what to look for, you can determine the cost of a kitchen remodel and save money. Below are five factors that affect kitchen remodeling in St. Louis, MO.

1. Fixture Replacement and Installation

Many St. Louis homeowners want to upgrade their kitchen fixtures and appliances during a remodel. However, installing updated fixtures and placing them in different areas can increase the remodeling costs.

For example, if you want to move your sink to the other side of the kitchen, contractors will have to update the plumbing system. Additionally, if you want to install a more modern model, it will further raise the remodel’s price. Altering your plumbing system, gas lines, wiring, and more can significantly increase the cost of kitchen remodeling, so always keep that in mind when creating your new kitchen design.

That said, sometimes it’s best to update the fixtures and appliances to avoid costly repairs later on. Older fixtures are more prone to breaking down and can cost hundreds or more to fix. By updating them, you can avoid this issue and save money in the long-run.

2. The Project’s Scale

Large and strenuous kitchen remodels typically cost more since they require more manpower and supplies. Most residential kitchens span 100 to 200 feet and carry average remodeling rates. However, cooking spaces that surpass 200 feet are much more expensive and take more time to remodel.

It’s best to measure your kitchen and ask your remodeling service provider for their rates per square foot (if offered) to estimate the project’s cost.

Expanding your kitchen can also increase the project’s price. Contractors have to install more flooring, cabinets, and other elements while reconstructing certain areas to enlarge the kitchen and match your needs. It’s cheaper to keep your kitchen the same size and upgrade its features than expand it with additional stoves, countertops, and drawers.

3. Cabinet Materials and Design

Cabinets come in many shapes, designs, and materials, with some costing much more than others. The types of cabinets and drawers you install can dramatically impact the remodel’s price. Most kitchen cabinets come in three primary variations:

  • Stock
  • Semi-custom
  • Custom

Stock cabinets are the most affordable but feature limited designs and styles. They are pre-made and provide next to no customization.

Semi-custom cabinets are stock cabinets with more customization abilities. They allow you to tailor their size, color, depth, and more, giving you more control over your kitchen design. They cost more than stock, but many homeowners believe it’s a small price to pay for customization.

Custom cabinets are the most expensive and allow you to customize nearly every element of their design. Manufacturers tailor these cabinets to your liking, giving you one-of-a-kind cabinetry that matches your unique style.

However, custom cabinets’ customization abilities come at a price. Most cost between $300 to $750 or more per linear foot. Installing custom cabinets can also further enhance the cost since they are harder to position.

4. Countertops

Like cabinets, countertops come in many varieties and vary in price. Although high-end quartz and imported natural stone look better than traditional wooden counters, they can cost up to five times more. However, cheap countertops can take away from your kitchen’s appearance and are more prone to imperfections.

You want to find durable and alluring countertops that will enhance your kitchen’s visual appeal without exceeding your budget. Also, consider how much maintenance each countertop requires to ensure you can keep up with their demands.

Installing additional counters like a kitchen island can also raise the cost of a kitchen remodel. However, adding more countertops gives you more space and can make all the difference in your kitchen’s appearance, especially if you plan to sell your home and want to increase its value.

5. Lighting

Although lighting isn’t the most expensive aspect of a kitchen remodel, it can still impact the price. Replacing old lighting with new and improved lights can add up rather quickly, especially if you need to install new wiring.

Also, the types of lights you install can impact the price. Luxury chandeliers cost more than traditional LED lighting, so always factor in your light type when estimating the cost of your kitchen remodel.

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