Six Signs Your Outdated Bathroom Needs a Makeover

A gorgeous bathroom can do wonders for any home’s interior appeal. However, an old, outdated bathroom can have the opposite effect. Unfortunately, many Chesterfield, MO, homes feature outdated bathrooms that prevent them from reaching their true visual potential.

To help homeowners like you, Rapid Repair Pro put together some common signs of an outdated bathroom, so you can keep it up to date and looking its best for years to come.

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Six Indications of an Outdated Bathroom

Most homeowners want to keep their bathrooms looking nice and appealing to increase their home’s interior appearance. However, outdated bathroom designs and fixtures can significantly hinder its overall look, making it appear out of place compared to the rest of the home. Fortunately, once you understand what to look for, you can upgrade your bathroom and bring it into the modern era.

Below we list some common signs of an outdated bathroom.

1. Unsightly Vintage Décor

Sometimes vintage décor can enhance a bathroom’s appearance when it meshes with modern designs. However, too much vintage décor can make your bathroom look outdated and unappealing.

Many older homes have 1950s-style bathrooms featuring outdated wall colors, fixtures, and floors. Although some people enjoy the retro look, most want a traditional or modern bathroom with up-to-date fixtures that match their unique style. Upgrading your bathroom with newer décor, sinks, and floors will make it more appealing while improving its overall quality.

Replacing outdated décor can also potentially increase your home’s value when you put it on the market. Most homeowners will pay more for an alluring modern bathroom with new fixtures than an outdated bathroom with suboptimal features.

2. Leaky Faucets

Most bathroom faucets last 15 to 20 years before requiring a replacement. One of the most common signs of an outdated or inadequate faucet includes continual leaks and constant dripping.

Many old faucets experience frequent leaks and drip continuously as they age, losing efficiency. Leaky and drippy faucets are incredibly irritating and waste hundreds of gallons of water over time, causing your monthly water bills to soar sky high. Replacing outdated sinks with new and improved models will increase your bathroom’s visual appeal while reducing your monthly water payments.

Like updating outdated décor, replacing leaky faucets with upgraded sinks can increase your home’s value. It prevents future homeowners from paying for sink installation services after they move in, allowing you to sell your property for more money when you decide to sell.

3. Poor Lighting

Most modern bathrooms have high-quality lighting that allows homeowners to shave, style their hair, and bathe without issue. However, poor lighting makes these activities more strenuous and can make your bathroom less welcoming to friends and visitors. Upgrading the bathroom’s lighting can make preparing for work or a night out less time consuming and more efficient while elevating its overall appearance.

Replacing outdated light fixtures with recessed lighting will make your bathroom look better than ever while making it easier to get ready. High-quality lighting can emphasize your bathroom’s best qualities while making it more inviting to guests.

4. Lack of Functionality

An unfunctional bathroom design can cause multiple problems, ranging from elongated preparation times to cramped bathing spaces. Lack of storage space, crowded spaces, and clogged fixtures can hinder the bathroom experience while making it difficult to perform everyday tasks like getting ready for work. Modernizing your bathroom’s layout while installing new fixtures can dramatically improve the space’s functionality, making it easy to prepare for the day.

Improving your bathroom’s functionality will also make it easier for seniors and people with disabilities to use your washroom. Installing a walk-in bath and grab handles around the toilet will give them a practical space to bathe and complete other activities. If you live with elderly or disabled residents, consider upgrading your bathroom with accessible, functional features.

5. Mold Growth

Mold often develops along old and outdated floors, showers, and tubs. Mold is incredibly unsightly and can cause severe health problems like irritated eyes, respiratory issues, rashes, and more. If you don’t eradicate mold colonies swiftly, they will continue to spread and put your family’s health at risk.

Replacing mold-ridden floors and fixtures will increase your bathroom’s allure while making it safer to use. Enhancing your bathroom with modern ventilation and fans will also make the space less susceptible to future mold outbreaks, helping your bathroom stay contaminant free for years to come.

Since mold can cause severe health issues, you should consider hiring hire a professional mold remediation service to check the ceiling and ground for mold to limit your exposure. Professionals utilize protective gear and special equipment to search for mold outbreaks without jeopardizing their health.

6. General Damage

Cracked sinks, faded and stained wallpaper, and water-damaged floor tiles can considerably reduce your bathroom’s appearance. Fixture damage can also diminish your bathroom’s efficiency, making it more difficult to complete your morning routine. Replacing damaged sinks, floors, and other cabinets is a fantastic way to enhance its allure while improving its functionality.

The remodeling specialists at Rapid Repair Pro can upgrade your outdated bathroom with best-in-class fixtures and flooring that will take its appearance and efficiency to new heights.

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