How to Choose the Best Colors When Painting a Kitchen Wall

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The easiest way to give your kitchen a much-needed refresh is by painting a kitchen wall a new color. While a complete kitchen remodel gives you a bit more freedom when choosing a color, keeping your cabinets, island, and tables means you’ll need to find an option that belongs perfectly with everything in your kitchen.

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Here are some ways to help you find the best colors for your kitchen walls.

Match Walls with Your Cabinet Colors

Cabinet colors are a great place to start when deciding what colors to paint your kitchen walls. Since cabinets often have multiple tones and colors in them, you can choose one for your walls for a seamless and beautiful look.

If you have white cabinets, you’ll need to know what type of white you have or the undertones in your chosen hue. Red, blue, and yellow undertones each have their own colors that work better. You want to pair colors that look great with your white cabinet’s undertones rather than clash. A professional painter can help with this if you feel stuck.

Use a Shade That’s Similar to Your Cabinets

Choosing one hue darker or lighter than your cabinets can create a gorgeous and cohesive look in your kitchen. You don’t want to have an exact color match, but something similar works well. Painting a kitchen wall using this method is more enjoyable since you know everything flows together perfectly. 

If you don’t want to maintain the same tone, consider complementary colors. Looking at the color wheel and what color combinations you know look good together can help you make a decision. Remember that you can never go wrong with neutral colors or shades that match anything!

Determine Your Kitchen’s Aesthetic

Think about your kitchen’s aesthetic and function before choosing paint colors. Are you going for something bolder, or do you want a minimalist, modern, and neutral space? You can browse ideas online for kitchen paint colors based on your personal style but should also consider how you’ll use the area.

Everything from storage methods to lighting factors into your design scheme. Some colors promote calmness, while others encourage creativity. When in doubt, ask a professional for kitchen design tips to determine what color would work best for your needs.

Grab Swatches and Samples

Are you stuck between multiple colors? See what your options will look like in your kitchen by grabbing swatches or samples of your top picks. If you paint small sections of your walls with your samples, you’ll get a better idea of what each type of paint looks like in your home rather than at a store.

Off-white is an excellent color if you want something simple and beautiful. It adds a touch of warmth and neutrality and goes with a wide range of design schemes, making changing up decor or other kitchen elements much easier. Painting a kitchen wall a bolder color like blue, red, or green makes this a bit harder, but it still can look incredible in a kitchen, depending on accessories, textures, and more.

Go Warm or Cool

If you’re only changing the wall colors in your kitchen and nothing else, determine whether your space is warm or cool-toned. Your kitchen might not have a harmonious look if you mix colors at random or have clashing tones.

What textures and tones are already present in your kitchen? Use these or similar colors to find the perfect wall colors, pulling color swatch cards up to your cabinets and kitchen island. Pick colors that look like they would naturally fit in your kitchen and that fit the overall aesthetic of the space. For example, warm tones are excellent if your space lacks light or already has a cozy feel. Wood and natural elements work well with a warmer design scheme, while more modern elements and metals look incredible with cool colors.

Search for Wall Color Inspiration

It’s easy to find inspiration for your kitchen’s new wall colors when you can find it everywhere. Use the painted surfaces you already have as a starting point, or look at completely different ideas. Checking out home design blogs or social media can help you look at your kitchen and style choices in a brand-new way, considering colors you never would have paired with your kitchen’s other elements before. Exploring showrooms, reading magazines, or browsing Pinterest are other popular ways to find the perfect kitchen wall color. You can also ask your loved ones, or anyone who lives in the home, to see what they think about the kitchen walls.

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